Malaysia’s first CarPlay app.

Snappymob helped BFM Media bring CarPlay to market.

Pioneering radio apps in Malaysia.

In early 2016, Snappymob helped BFM relaunch their iOS app. We like to think we did a rather good job, and we believe our friends at BFM would agree. Since then, we been progressively updating the BFM iOS and Android apps and the apps have grown stronger than ever.

When BFM started talking to us about enhancing the BFM iOS app to support CarPlay, we jumped at the chance to make turn their idea into reality. The first step was working together through the application process to get a separate approval from Apple for development of a CarPlay enabled app.

Adapting to a new medium with a bang.

CarPlay development introduces a different set of constraints and challenges than typically encountered in general iOS development.

The CarPlay environment is much more restrictive than that of a phone or tablet and one that forces both design and technical implementation to adapt to stringent guidelines Apple devised to ensure a minimal level of disruption to drivers.

From a user experience perspective, being locked into an environment with less control over the specific user interface forced us to think deeper about the usability of the CarPlay user interface – deciding what not to include in CarPlay interface was just as difficult as what should be.

The primary technical challenge was architecting the app to be able to deliver audio content to the CarPlay unit in an accurate and timely manner with no interruptions. Though effort was required in this aspect of the app, our prior investment on building the core BFM iOS app in a well architected manner paid off by making the development time involved shorter.

The end result was a launch that our client was happy with, and loads of commercial coverage.

An excerpt from The Edge Markets

KUALA LUMPUR (May 17): BFM Media Sdn Bhd, operator of the BFM 89.9 radio station, today unveiled the BFM CarPlay application which enables users to listen to a live stream of its radio shows and podcasts, as well as their own playlist.

BFM Media is the first Malaysian company to launch an Apple iOS app that works with the CarPlay dashboard operating system.

“With this launch, BFM joins leading global content platforms such as Spotify and Pandora, Stitcher and Apple’s own native apps Podcasts and Music, to offer audio content to drivers and passengers of car models that offer the Apple CarPlay car dashboard operating system,” BFM said in a statement.

The BFM CarPlay app was developed for the radio station by Snappymob, a Malaysian-based iOS and Android app development company which has been developing BFM Media’s iOS apps since 2016.

Apple has positioned CarPlay as the “ultimate copilot”, allowing drivers of CarPlay-enabled cars to port a select group of iOS apps on their iPhone to their car’s built-in display.