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Navigating Financial Excellence: A Journey into Precision through Automation

We developed and designed an advanced system for a financial services company to reduce manual work and human errors within a demanding timeframe.

We approached Snappymob with a challenging problem that no one else could solve. Their technical expertise, collaborative effort, and determination led us to success. Snappymob proved to be a valuable technology partner, and I highly recommend them.

Azra Maxwell, Head of Digital Business, MIDF

MIDF Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Building Society Berhad (MBSB), is a financial services provider with expertise spanning three core business areas: investment banking, development finance, and asset management.

Project Brief

MIDF’s product portfolio includes MIDF Invests , a trader platform offering the widest selection of US stocks and ETFs. Powered by Saxo, MIDF Invest is an award-winning investment platform that provides the best trade execution through its proprietary Smart Order Routing (SOR) technology. This advanced technology ensures optimal and efficient trading experiences for users.

In pursuit of business expansion, MIDF recognized the need to improve its processes, prompting its collaboration with Snappymob. MIDF presented us with a highly challenging problem within the stock market domain, highlighting their application’s complex operational processes encompassing both manual tasks and substantial data handling. In response to this challenge, our collaboration commenced with a targeted approach on addressing this complex problem.

From Discovery to Solution Design

With an approach at hand, we began an 8-week journey of discovery and solution designing. We constructed a new proprietary computing engine to replace the application’s existing functionality. The system was marked with thorough testing procedures to ensure the robustness of our solution.

As we advanced to the transition period, the pre-existing functionality of the application remained operational. We ensured a seamless migration by keeping the original functionality in use until all potential users successfully transitioned to the new computing engine.

Delivering success

We take pride in the successful creation of the new system, which has gone above and beyond our intended performance benchmarks, remarkable operational prowess.

Furthermore, our commitment extends well beyond the initial development phase. We have proactively engaged in the continuous maintenance of the application, promptly addressing emerging issues and strategically enhancing the system to navigate new unforeseen scenarios.

Additionally, throughout this phase, our efforts emphasized the integration of new functionalities, ensuring a progressive evolution of the compute engine over time.

What We Did

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Backend Development
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iOS Development

MIDF's Journey With Snappymob

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