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Automating a Building Management System with Live Alerts and Performance Tracking

We enhanced a multinational corporation’s business process with live alerts on operational downtime and performance tracking.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 Company that invents and manufactures technologies for various industries across the globe, including Malaysia. One of their remarkable businesses, “Building Technologies”, offers smart and versatile automation systems to large corporations across various sectors in Malaysia, including aerospace, finance, and education.

Project Brief

One of Honeywell’s solutions in Malaysia is to provide Building Management Systems (BMS) for buildings and facilities, which provide integrated operations and live data about various building systems including mechanical, access control, monitoring and safety.

For a very important facility that was using their BMS, Honeywell talked to us about exploring the possibilities of real time alerts on equipment downtime, as well as tracking the performance of teams responsible for resolving any issues, with a mobile app.

Honeywell’s goal was simple. They aimed to minimize system downtime, respond and resolve issues more instantaneously, and overall improve the reputation of their solutions. As much as the goal was simple, however, the proposed app and backend system was complex — a mission critical development in the truest sense of the phrase.

From Discovery to Development

To tackle such a complex integration, we began by undertaking the discovery process to get a deep understanding of its requirements. We collected all the necessary information and identified any gaps and possible risks before moving on to the next phase.

The process took 2-4 weeks. From UI/UX design and development to backend development and system integrations, our system was tested to interoperate smoothly, reliably, and seamlessly as a part of Honeywell’s BMS enterprise solution.

Mobile App design.


Shortly after commencement, we needed to take a deep dive into what we knew was the key risk factor for the project — the system integration between our new solution and the preexisting BMS solution.

It was crucial for us to avoid causing any changes in the preexisting system. The data model used was extremely complex, which was a challenge for our development team. We had to remap a large amount of data into the data we would use for alerts and reliability tracking, around the clock and with minimal intervention, all while taking into consideration that it was responsible for the reliability of another system.

The objective to set up a reliable architecture put our development team to the test. Due to the highly secure physical and network environment of this project, there were strict integration requirements that we needed to comply with.

Delivering Success

We are proud to have succeeded in getting Honeywell to their goal. The project was delivered on time and the app, accessible by Honeywell and the facility owners, is currently in operation at their mission critical facility.

There were bugs to be ironed out after launch, as there would be with any complex system integration, but we worked closely with Honeywell to quickly analyze and respond to issues as they came up.

Web portal design.

Thanks to Snappymob, with real time data and notifications, we could minimize system downtime effectively and improve our business reputation.

Ling Soon Yee, Service Manager, Honeywell Engineering

What We Did

UI/UX Design
iOS Development
Backend Development
System Integration
988 app's live video streaming function with viewers' comments and reactions in real time
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