CoinGecko app showing bitcoin price chart, market cap, and trading volume in Malaysian Ringgit over last 24 hours

Jump-starting the mobile app initiative for a digital currency market analysis leader

We helped CoinGecko get to market quickly with a highly rated, slick mobile app built from the ground up.

CoinGecko is a leading digital currency market analysis service provider. CoinGecko has been around since 2014 and tracks price, volume and market capitalization, and uniquely in the space — community growth, open-source code development, major events, and on-chain metrics.

They have been making huge strides and making their presence felt more recently, so there is a good chance you've heard about them.

Project Brief

CoinGecko came to us with an exciting challenge. They wanted to develop a mobile app to complement their successful website, but wanted to get it to launch very quickly as they had users who were anticipating it and competitors who already had an app. CoinGecko was also very eager to explore the opportunities in terms of user engagement that a mobile app could provide.

CoinGecko knew from the start that as a technology company, they needed to eventually internalize, own, and take over the project. Our role was to give them an assist in getting to launch fast with a solid foundation, and then helping transition the project to an internal team.

Designing the Experience Together

The design for the CoinGecko app involved solving a number of unique challenges related to design language and data visualization.

We needed to provide the app with not only a design language that was cohesive with CoinGecko's existing brand identity, but also a fresh look and feel that evoked a sense of modernity and confidence. The app also required working out user flows such as an in-line currency calculator. Oh, and it needed dark mode too.

Unlike a website on a desktop device, the screen real estate on a mobile device forced us to make judicious decisions on what data was truly essential. As an app like the CoinGecko app would certainly have a high information density, we needed to make smart choices for data layout and hierarchy, determine the perfect font sizes for legibility, and achieve overall harmony and balance in the design.

We worked very closely with CoinGecko's founders, TM and Bobby — who were highly engaged in the project — who gave feedback every step of the way as we provided CoinGecko frequent design proposals. We iterated on every aspect of the app design until we settled on one that looked and worked great.

Development with React Native

The CoinGecko team already knew that they wanted a React Native app from the get go, as using React Native would allow us to get to market more quickly on both iOS and Android platforms. CoinGecko's significant skills in JavaScript would ease the transition when the time came to take the project in-house, as the size of the React and JavaScript ecosystem would allow us to reuse a large amount of functionality without writing it ourselves. And having come after the development of a couple of large React Native projects, our team was very well prepared for the project.

Development was intense, and as usual, a number of challenges cropped up along the way — making sure the table scrolling performance was smooth, rendering charts accurately and quickly, implementing the user experience just as the design team had envisioned — all with the launch schedule closely on the horizon.

It took some late nights, but we got there. The app launched with all the desired functionality on time and without major hiccups.

Outcome: Stars All-Round

Since then, the CoinGecko app has been consistently rated above 4-and-a-half stars over time. It is one of the best received digital currency market analysis apps out there, not least because of the fantastic data platform and service that the CoinGecko team provides.

A stylistic arrangement of three views of the CoinGecko app, featuring the Explore tab, the Derivatives tab, and the Market tab.

Snappymob has been a great partner in helping us jumpstart our mobile app strategy. They go above and beyond in detail to deliver great user experience.

TM Lee, Co-founder, CoinGecko

What We Did

UI/UX Design
React Native Development
API Integration
App Strategy
Training and Support

The best digital currency market analysis at your fingertips

Download the CoinGecko app — the best tool for tracking prices, volume, market capitalization, and community growth in the digital currency space.

The portfolio view of cryptocurrencies in the Market tab in CoinGecko.
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