Careers November 18, 2021

UI/UX Designer

We're looking for people who share our passion for delightful interface design; value utilizing design best practices; have fantastic attention to detail; and who love to learn.

As a UI/UX Designer at Snappymob, you will be an integral member of a product team that designs and develops world-class applications. As part of the team, you’ll be collaborating with other designers, engineers, and team members on creating delightful, mission-critical software applications that our customers count on to be highly reliable and performant.


  • Work directly with the leadership team in strategy and goal setting
  • Execution of UX design: Requirement analysis, user research, user flow, wireframing, prototypes, and usability testing
  • Execution of UI design: Concepts, drafts, and user interface mock-ups
  • Plan and create new interface designs
  • Optimise existing UI/UX designs
  • Communicate with clients to understand their business goals and objectives
  • Work closely with designers, developers, and other team members on graphic and interface elements as well as overall conceptual and visual outcomes


  • A professional portfolio and/or list of projects is required for all applications
  • Any level of professional UI/UX design experience
  • Strong ability to analyze UI/UX designs and identify the good and bad
  • Ability to discuss UI/UX concepts such as typography, color theory, information architecture, ideas, etc
  • Ability to execute end-to-end design work throughout the product design and development process
  • Ability to develop technical or business requirements, and deliver intuitive, user-centered solutions
  • Excellent communication skills and the patience to iterate with stakeholders to achieve world-class designs
  • Strong eye for aesthetics and obsessive attention to detail
  • Creative and critical thinking skills
  • Expertise in Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, or equivalent


  • Experience in other design oriented areas: Graphic design, animation, video, etc
  • Experience in product management
  • Experience in the product development lifecycle
  • Experience in software development

Note : Junior, associate, and senior positions are open. We will consider applicants having most, but not all of the required skills, or who are able to demonstrate equivalent experience for the role.

Why Snappymob?

We're a place for people who are obsessive about what they do, who relish the minutiae, who love great user experiences, and who enjoy chiseling away at hard challenges with teammates.

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