Careers December 20, 2022

React Native Developer

We're looking for people who share our passion for writing great software, love making use of best practices in our software development process, have fantastic attention to detail, and love to learn.

As a React Native Developer, you'll be an integral member of a software engineering team that designs and develops world-class applications with React Native. You'll be working closely with other engineers and team members to work on delightful applications and features that make a big impact on users.


  • Architect, design, develop, and maintain React Native applications.
  • Collaborate with the engineering team at large in software design sessions, code reviews, teaching, and other engineering activities
  • Collaborate with other team members including the web development team and design team
  • Participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle for our projects


  • 2 or more years of experience with React Native development
  • A proven track record showing proficiency in React Native development
  • Deep understanding of core React Native development concepts, including application architectures, lifecycles, user interface layout and customization, and components. This should also include making responsive UIs to efficiently query data and also manage states in an optimized manner
  • Critical thinkers that are able to analyze and break down problems into manageable components
  • Strong knowledge and experience with RESTful web APIs
  • Strong knowledge and experience in core platform and popular third party frameworks/libraries
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail


  • Experience in testing methodology (unit, integration, and UI tests)
  • Experience in functional reactive programming (e.g. RxJS)
  • Knowledge and experience in other mobile development platforms
  • Knowledge and experience in frontend or backend web development
  • Experience with Linux, MacOS, or other UNIX-like system
  • Experience with version control systems (we use Git)
  • Any other development experience (HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js, SQL, NoSQL, or other technology that is of practical use). Let us know what you know

Note : Junior, associate, and senior positions are open. We will consider applicants having most, but not all of the required skills, or who are able to demonstrate equivalent experience for the role.

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