A kit crafted to help create high quality app flows for better communication with stakeholders. Even for non-designers.

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How does it work?

(Hint: It’s really simple)

Supercharge your product design cycle and communicate with your stakeholders effectively!

Crafted by a team that includes Google Material Design Award 2016 and Best of App Store 2015 winners – AppFlowKit is a kit crafted to help creating high quality app flow for better communication. Even for non-designers.

We are an app design and development agency and AppFlowKit was custom created to boost our productivity while working on our own and our client’s apps. After being battle-tested, we decided it is too awesome to be used just by us and decided it was time to share it with the community.

It’s helped save us countless hours while working on our projects and it’ll pay for itself in a single day if you are doing any serious app design work.


Create Flows Easily.

AppFlowKit is built using Sketch’s Symbol feature. Effortless insertion of screen with high flexibility.


Left, Right, Top, Bottom.

Resizable flow arrows to communicate screen flows. Just insert and resize. Stop fiddling with arrows forever.

Preset Yet Customizable.

Get through common screens quickly. Then hone in with powerful customizations. Extend with your own components.


  • To customize the elements (change color, for example), right click on it then Detach from Symbol. Check out for more info about Sketch Symbols.
  • Flow Arrows are all possible to resize using smart resizing feature. Check out for more info about Smart Resizing.
  • Turn on Rulers (Control + R) in App Flow artboard for effortless placement of screen symbol.
  • Artboard is in the size of A4 so it’s ready to be exported as PDF and print on A4 papers.